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Selecting the Right Residential Swimming Pool Pump

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Swimming pool sanitation is an important aspect that you must consider after installing this water feature in your residential property. Basically, this refers to the process of ensuring that the pool water is healthy. Proper sanitation will limit the growth and spread of waterborne pathogens, and it will help maintain the clarity of water for aesthetics. The most important component in pool sanitation is the pool pump. This device is specially designed to recirculate the water in the pool. Read More»

What You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Repairs

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Owning a swimming pool is something many people dream about.  There are many benefits of having one.  It is useful for relaxation and exercise as well as a great place to have fun with friends and family.  However, maintenance and swimming pool repairs are things that pool owners definitely need to research and consider. In order to have a healthy pool, you must do the proper daily maintenance and complete the repairs as needed. Read More»

2015 Swimming Pool Design Trends

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Pool trends have drastically changed in recent years, making luxurious architectural design elements more affordable for everyday families. Many of the design features that are popular today have actually been around for a while but because the cost to design such items was so expensive, they were relatively unknown outside of wealthy circles. With increased advancement in technology, companies have been able to price lower for materials and labour costs. Pools are still a major investment, but families are able to create outdoor oases like never before. Read More»

Is Your Soil Suitable For A Swimming Pool Foundation?

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In-ground swimming pools add a wonderful touch of luxury, and more important, they are a cool place to hide from Australia’s truly merciless summer heat. However, there are a myriad of structural, legal and safety concerns that come with excavating and installing an in-ground pool — so many that it’s easy to overlook some aspects that may be considered less important by most. The type of soil you build your pool on might seem to be a lesser concern, but without proper research and planning, you can rapidly end up with a cracking, leaking disaster on your hands. Read More»

Maintenance Tips for Fibreglass Swimming Pools

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In-ground fibreglass pools are popularly found in residential property because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. In addition, if you choose this pool, your maintenance tasks will be fewer compared to alternatives like vinyl and concrete. The structure is built from shell-like fibreglass but some models are mixed with concrete for reinforcement. Generally, the pool is installed in excavated ground and supported by sand and concrete. If you have this type of swimming feature in your home, consider using these simple tips to ensure long-term quality service: Read More»